Company Profile


CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC) was established in late 2000. It has built and now operates a world-scale petrochemical complex in the Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong Province.


The joint venture partners are Shell Nanhai BV, a member of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, with a 50 per cent stake, and CNOOC Petrochemicals Investment Limited (CPIL), also with 50 per cent. CPIL is owned by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Guangdong Guangye Investment Group Company Limited.

The CSPC petrochemical complex incorporated the world's advanced technologies, and utilizes modern management systems and international standards in design and construction and during the current operation phase. The majority of its process units are world-scale. Its adoption of 13 licenses through international bidding ensures it operates on the cutting edge of technology. 
As an integrated petrochemical complex, the major facilities of the complex include 11 process units, steam and power generation and other utility provisions, storage and handling and shipping facilities, as well as environmental protection facilities. The heart of the complex is a world-scale cracker producing 950,000 tons per annum ethylene and 500,000 tons per annum propylene.
In total, the complex produces some 2.7 million tons per annum of ethylene and propylene's derivative products to supply the domestic market.
CSPC is committed to implementing a strategy of sustainable development in operating the complex. It adopts responsible environmental standards and takes a wide variety of actions to contribute to the social and economic development of the local society such as lending support to local educational and health undertakings.



Major Events
January 1991         
The State Council approved the project establishment application.            
October 1993           
Completed and submitted the Feasibility Study of 5,000,000 tpa refinery and 450,000 tpa ethylene project.
April 1997
Submitted the revised report of 800,000 tpa ethylene project.
December 1997             
The Feasibility Study of 800,000 tpa ethylene project approved.
February 1998
Signed the Nanhai Project Framework Agreement in Hague, the Netherlands.
October 2000 
Signed Joint Venture Contract in Beijing and Supplementary Contracts with Huizhou Municipal Government.
November 2002 
The shareholders made Final Investment Decision to proceed with the project and the project entered into Implementation Phase.
May 2003
First pile was driven into the ground.
December 2005
The project achieved construction completion
January 2006 
On-specification ethylene and propylene produced.
May 2010
The ethylene cracker debottlenecked to 950,000 tpa