Social Performance

While making efforts to protect the environment, CSPC is also set to maximize its positive impacts on local society, facilitating the social development in Daya Bay and beyond. CSPC actively engage the project stakeholders and takes a wide variety of actions to lend support to local educational, health and transportation undertakings with a view of promoting the development of local society.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement forms an important part of CSPC's sustainable development program, CSPC has been active in engaging with local governments and communities. This has laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the petrochemical complex.

The local communities covered by CSPC's engagement program include resettled villages, township governments, adjacent villages, almshouses and an orphanage.

Social Investment



l         Donated 1451 used computers to local schools, communities, public security bureaus, etc.;

l         Donated living necessities for local almshouses and pay regular visits to the elders living there;

l         Provided tuition fees for 547 local middle school students with financial difficulties, and also provided financial assistance to college students newly admitted.

l         Provided tuition fees for 129 students newly admitted to colleges/universities in the resettled villages with financial difficulty;

l         Sponsored CSPC Tomorrow Scholarship for Huizhou middle school students, rewarding 200 students each year for their outstanding performance;

l         Donated ambulances to local hospitals, and fire engines to local fire brigade;

l         Established two libraries for the two elementary schools in the resettled villages;

l         Donated some 40,000 books and 2360 sets of desks and chairs to local schools;

l         Donated RMB 444,662 to Ya'an Earthquake-stricken area in 2013;

l         Donated RMB1.3 million to Yushu Earthquake-stricken area in 2010;

l         Donated RMB 3 million to Wenchuan Earthquake-stricken area in 2008;

l         Donated RMB 800,000 to the initial fund of Daya Bay Charity Federation in 2007;

l         Donated RMB 250,000 to Anhui flood-stricken area in 2007;

l         Donated RMB 500,000 to Tsunami-stricken area in Southeast Asia in 2005.

SD Volunteers

The key to the success of our SD programs is staff participation. By 2012, over 200 CSPC volunteers had actively participated in all company's SD and voluntary events.

In addition to the SD program initiated by the company, CSPC staff and their families also voluntarily sponsored other events, such as donation of quilts and stationeries to Wafang Primary School of Yunan Province, English teaching by spouses of our expatriate staff in local schools, regular visit to the almshouses, and promotion campaigns of environmental protection and road safety for local schools, etc.