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The Fifth “Sunshine Class” Opened in Xinghan Primary School

Issue Date:2017-09-30

Ceremony was held in Xinghan Primary School in Daya Bay, a total of 100 representatives from CSPC, Daya Bay Youth League Committee, Xinghan Primary School and volunteer teachers participated in.


Xinghan Primary School is the fifth school in Daya Bay to open “Sunshine Class”. The courses of drawing, dancing, table tennis and ukulele playing are set up and over 110 students benefit from the classes.

“Sunshine Class” was a SD program jointly conducted by CSPC and Daya Bay Youth League Committee, designed for helping the children in need in Daya Bay to start art quest. Since its start-up in 2013, “Sunshine Class” has served accumulatively 2500 students, and opened in Yuying primary school, Huangyuchong Primary School, No.1 Primary School in Xiqu Region and  Longshan Primary School.