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The Provincial Fire Emergency Drill Held in CSPC Site Ended Successfully

Issue Date:2017-09-30

On the afternoon of 27th September, the provincial fire emergency drill held in CSPC C2 LOP plant was ended successfully, lasting for 7 hours. This drill was organized by GD provincial fire squadron, assembling fire brigades from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou and other cities, and full-time professional fire brigades from the companies in petrochemical park, with a total of over 80 fire trucks and over 670 firefighters.

This is the first highest level provincial jointly fire drill in GD province, with cross-regional deployment of reinforcement to simulate the fire disaster happened in real petrochemical plant. This drill is aimed at excising and improving the cross-regional joint firefighting and emergency response ability of government and enterprise fire brigades, inspecting and reinforcing the effectiveness of fire emergency procedure. The drill achieved the expected effect.