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CSPC Teacher Care Program--English Teaching Sharing Workshop and Learn English Happily

Issue Date:2017-11-14

On 10th November, 100 English teachers from Elementary and Secondary schools in Daya Bay participated in the one-day CSPC Teacher Care Program– English Teaching Sharing Workshop. Teachers experienced and practiced how to create an easy and interesting learning atmosphere, how to motivate children’s interest and enthusiasm in learning English by the sharing session from senior English teacher and several volunteers came from the family members of CSPC foreign staff, group discussion session and impromptu speech session.

Huizhou English researcher Chen Shaoan, who has more than 20 years’ English teaching experience and devotes to improving English teaching level in Huizhou area, shared his own experience on learning English, using English, teaching English and researching English, and introduced how to be an excellent English teacher in Huizhou with professionalism, innovation, well-behavior and affection. Foreign volunteers also shared the Teaching a Foreign Language in the Netherlands, and the beauty of Jazzy Chant in English teaching.

Uphold the principle of Pay attention to capacity building, project customization on demand, as CSPC annual education support program, Teacher Care was set up in 2013, it customize projects according to the feedbacks and demands from its audience, provides trainings and learning exchange to local teachers.