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Sunshine Class Sailed into Island

Issue Date:2017-12-11
On the morning of 8th December 2017, the sixth Sunshine Class opened officially in Aotou Dongsheng Primary School, wisps of sunlight spread into the children’s heart.
Aotou Dongsheng Primary School is the only primary school located on Dongsheng Island, encircled by the sea and lack of access to transportation; the school-running conditions are relatively difficult. The school has nearly 100 students, who are all fishermen children and have rare opportunities to receive professional art education limited by geographical environment and fishermen’s rest schedule.
In 2017, Sunshine Class sailed into island. According to children’s demands, art teachers are hired to teach course at regular intervals, sailing through the ocean blue to open the gate of art learning and exploration for children who has no art fundamentals.
Sunshine Class is one of the annual education program conducted jointly by CSPC and Daya Bay Youth League Committee, since its start-up in 2013, over 2500 students are benefited from this program.