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CNOOC Party Leadership Group Member Zhong Qingming and His Delegation Paid New Year Visit to CSPC

Issue Date:2018-02-08

On 7th February, CNOOC Party Leadership Group Member, Chief of Discipline and Inspection Zhong Qingming and CNOOC Oil & Petrochemical Co., Limited President, CSPC Chairman and their delegation visited CSPC and C2 CCR3, paid New Year greetings to operators.

Zhong Zong felt delighted and appreciated about the results achieved by all staff over the past year. He said, to maintain operational excellence of C1 and sincere cooperation between CSPC and CSPCL to ensure safe startup of C2. He Zong said that C2 was closed to end stage, the safety must not be relaxed while the progress was moving forward steadily.