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Management Team Paid New Year Visit to Staff on Duty—Stick to Post, Operate Safely and Create More Glories

Issue Date:2018-02-14

On the morning of 14 February 2018, CEO Wang Qiong, DCEO Colin McKendrick, MF Director Weaver Donald and their delegation visited C1 Fire Station, Lab, CC1, CWS, CC2, LCC, and C2 COB, CCR3, Lab, CWS, to deliver Chinese New Year greetings and lucky money to the staff on duty during the holiday period, and wish everyone and their family a happy New Year. 

Wang Zong appreciated the endeavor devoted by every staff to ensure our outstanding performance achieved in 2017. Year 2018 will be a significant and extremely important year for CSPC, he hoped that we should continue to work hard and create glory again in the Year of Dog.

Colin McKendrick wished everyone a happy New Year and appreciated efforts dedicated all the time. He emphasized, during critical stage before C2 startup, we should continue to focus on safety to ensure C1 safe and reliable operation and C2 safe and successful startup.