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Responsible Care Committee Visited CSPC

Issue Date:2018-05-25

On the afternoon of May 15, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Responsible Care Committee ("RC Committee") came to CSPC for investigation.


RC Committee highly praised the good practices and performance of CSPC in HSE management and in RC, hoped that CSPC will continue to play the advantages as a responsible RC committee member, to drive more business partners to practice responsible care, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China petroleum and chemical industry.


Since its star-up, CSPC is committed to implementing a strategy of sustainable development and fulfilling the commitment of Responsible Care®. CSPC always has Health, Safety and Environment as the top priority, and was awarded the first batch of "Responsible Care Best Practice Unit" by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2014.


Responsible Care® was born in Canada in 1985. It is a self-disciplined action of the global chemical industry for the continuous improvement of health, safety and environmental performance. It promotes the safety management of products in production, storage, transportation, use and reuse, reflecting Petroleum and chemical companies’ care for people, social performance responsibilities, and the pursuit of sustainable development.