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John Abbott, Shell Executive Committee Member Visited Huizhou

Issue Date:2018-08-15

On 14th August, John Abbott Royal Dutch Shell Executive Committee member and Downstream Director and his delegation visited CSPC. He visited the C2 complex and had a meeting with CSPC management team.

John Abbott extended the congratulations on the C2 successful startup and his gratitude to all CSPC staff and CHPCL construction team for their hard work and dedication; Shell was very proud of CSPC's achievements. He emphasized that while achieving high quality, reliable and high-load operation of the company, safety remained No. 1 priority. The current focus was to maintain C1 operational excellence, ensure the stable operation and throughput ramp up of C2 to maximize the advantages of refining and chemical integration; made sure the smooth progress of SMPO / POD project construction especially on the control of safety and quality. He said, CSPC had a reliable management system and procedures, an inspirational corporate culture and environment as well as a team with excellent capability and good quality, hoped that the management team of CSPC continues to make persistent efforts to lead all staff to create higher value.

In the afternoon, John Abbott and DYB government leaders, met with Li Yiwei, secretary of the municipal party committee, director of the standing committee in Huizhou government office. Both exchanged in-depth views on further expanding Shell's development in Huizhou and facilitating the construction of a world-class petrochemical industrial base in Huizhou.

Graham van’t Hoff, EVP of Shell Chemicals and Vice Board Chairman of CSPC, Zhang Xinsheng, President of Shell China, Wang Qiong, CSPC CEO, Colin McKendrick, CSPC DCEO also participated the whole visit.