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Ethylene Glycol Futures officially Listed

Issue Date:2018-12-11

At 9:00 a.m. on December 10, 2018, ethylene glycol officially listed in the State Council at Da Lian Commodity Exchange (DCE). It is the fourth chemical product listed in DCE followed by PP, LLDPE and PVC after six years of development. CSPC CEO Wang Qiong and Commercial Director  Ding Wanlin participated in the listing ceremony.

As the first and only designated delivery depot of ethylene glycol in DCE, CSPC will rely on the functions and advantages of the warehouse to strengthen the channel capacity of spot sales and provide diversified value-added supply solutions for core customers, so as to continuously increase customer viscosity and strengthen the unique competitive advantages of CSPC.

China accounts for 50% of the global market for ethylene glycol, and with this listing, China will become the most active market for ethylene glycol trading in the world. As a new price discovery mechanism, the price generated in the transaction will profoundly and permanently affect the global ethylene glycol industry chain, laying a foundation for the healthier and more stable development of the glycol industry.