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CSPC Awarded “2016 Outstanding Performance Ship”

Issue Date:2018-06-07

Recently, CSPC Commercial Department director Mr. Ding Wanlin, Marketing & Strategy Manager Zhang Wen and other company representative awarded CSPC 2016 Outstanding Performance Ship to Mt Hongping, Mt “Donggui 12” and Mt “Jianxing 32” . CSPC representatives expressed warm congratulations and sincere appreciations to all ship’s crew and encouraged them to continuously enhance ship safety management for greater future.

“CSPC Outstanding Performance Ship " was established in 2014 to recognize the "model pacesetter" of the company's maritime business and encourage shipping contractors to continuously improve their safety management and operation.

In 2016, Mt Hongping of Tianjin Southwest Maritime Limited, Mt “Donggui 12” of Guangxi Wuzhou Tongzhou Shipping Transportation Company Limited, Mt “Jianxing 32” of Shanghai Dingheng Group stood out more than 20 ships served for CSPC and won this award.