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CSPC CEO Wang Qiong Delivered a Speech in Guangdong Safety Development Forum 2019

Issue Date:2019-07-02

June 29, 2019, Guangdong Safety Development Forum 2019 was held in Shenzhen by Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department, with the attendance of over 100 people including state-level distinguished guests, major leaders of Guangdong provincial and municipal emergency management departments and representatives of chemical enterprises. Wang Dexue, President of China Occupational Safety and Health Association, Gao Yongtao, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Emergency Management, and Nie Jianguo, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered keynote speeches at the forum.



As the representative of outstanding enterprise in safety production, CSPC CEO Wang Qiong shared a speech themed on “Process Safety Management(PSM) is a Skill Weapon for Chemical Companies to Control Risks”, focusing on the development process and implementation result of PSM in international and domestic chemical industry, and the implementation practice experience of PSM in CSPC.


He introduced systematically the four pillars and three layer foundation of PSM in CSPC, as well as the nine CSPC Process Safety Fundamentals. He shared the challenges and achievements of PSM implementation in CSPC, drawing to the conclusion that “The PSM system can effectively control the risks in chemical enterprises, and PSM implementation is a 'skill weapon' for chemical industry to curb major accidents.



Wang Qiong's sharing received a strong response from the participants. He Shengzhuang, Chief Engineer of Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department, gave a high appraisal in his closing remarks, "As successful experiences of advanced enterprise, CSPC’s concept and approaches on PSM are worth learning and promoting." He hoped that the Guangdong chemical enterprises could put PSM implementation in priority from heart and mind to effectively curb the major accidents in the industry by mutual learning and sharing.