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Huizhou Ports Joint Drill was Conducted at CSPC Donglian Jetty

Issue Date:2019-07-10

On July 3, 2019, organized by Huizhou Government, "Huizhou Ports Facility Security and Dangerous Cargo Incident Drill 2019" was conducted at CSPC Donglian Jetty successfully.


The drill was set in facility security and dangerous goods incident, and a series of dealing sessions were conducted, such as systems and measures of anti-terrorism, and catching suspended criminals on sea and land, the injured treatment, firefighting and leakage disposal, etc. All sessions were well organized, properly arranged, which effectively tested and improved the facility security and emergency handling coordination of dangerous goods at Huizhou ports, as well as demonstrated CSPC's handling capacity with this kind of incidents, which was highly appreciated by all leaders and representatives from relevant departments, as well as Huizhou ports enterprises.