Process Units

Lower Olefins Plant (LOP)

Feedstock: Naphtha, or condensate, or hydrogenation gas oil or vacuumed gas oil
Major product: Ethylene 950,000 tpa, Propylene 500,000 tpa, Butadiene 165,000 tpa
Major facilities: olefins feed preparation, ethylene cracker, pygas hydrotreating and benzene
extraction, and butadiene extraction plant etc.
Technology applied: The ethylene cracker incorporates Stone & Webster's proprietary Ultra
Selective Conversion (USC) furnace and the Advanced Recovery System (ARS) technology.
Krupp Uhde provides the technology of pygas hydrotreating and Shell provides technology for
benzene extraction and the butadiene extraction.
Highlight: As the heart of CSPC Petrpchemicals Complex, LOP produces feedstock for the other
downstream processes in the complex. It takes not only naphtha as feedstock, but also
condensate, hydrogenation gas oil or vacuumed gas oil as feedstock, which is the first case in China.