Our Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment


           • Pursue the goal of no harm to people;

           • Protect the environment;

           • Use material and energy efficiently;

           • Publicize our performance;

           • Play a leading role in promoting best practice in the petrochemical industry;

           • HSE is the priority in company operations;

           • Promote a culture in which the employees share this commitment.




CSPC provides full protection for its staff through proper personal protection equipments, safety supervision and training programs, preventing them from exposure to occupational diseases. For example, in order to effectively control the factors that detrimental to health, the detrimentality and exposure frequency of these factors have been graded and relevant control measures have been worked out for each grade of factors. CSPC also exercise health-related risk evaluation inside the complex by identifying detrimental factors of all of the middle-and-high level risks, and put control measures in place. In addition to that, regular inspections also help ensure to reduce the health-related risk to the lowest acceptable level. CSPC also offers vocational medical check-up for its staff every year.




CSPC's safety management system includes Safety Risk Analysis and Evaluation, Permit to Work, Management of Change, Operation Parameter Control and Equipment Inspection. CSPC exerts strict control over the safety work procedures and practices to ensure all staff are vigorously attentive to the key working processes, taking strict precautions against process safety incidents.


CSPC Petrochemical Complex boasts a fire fighting system covering every corner of the Complex, which includes dual-circuit fire fighting water supply, foaming fire fighting system, automatic water spray fire fighting system, multi-gas detective alarming system, flare detective alarming system, and CO2 and dry powder fire fighting system, with a professional fire brigade and 10 advanced fire engines and accessory fire fighting appliances.


Environmental Protection


In line with international management practice, CSPC has established an environmental management accountability system. Discharge standards more stringent than national standards are in place and being complied.  Monitoring parameters indicate that the discharge of effluents, emissions and solid wastes after startup were far below the national standards.


The environmental impacts were taken into consideration in every link of CSPC manufacturing process. In terms of process selection, 13 leading licensed technologies were introduced through competitive bidding based on the selection criteria of “low pollution, low energy consumption, high product quality and long operation cycle.” Ultra selectivity cracking furnaces and advanced recovery system were applied in the LOP Plant, enabling higher selectivity, longer operation circles and higher degree of energy saving. This plant also utilizes advanced dilution steam system, significantly reducing effluent discharge and the pollutants in the waste water. The SM/PO Plant adopts the state-of-art oxidation technology from Shell to produce propylene oxide. Compared with the traditional chlorohydrin method, the technology has the merits of low water and energy consumption, high manufacturing efficiency and longer operation circles.