Job Description:

Job Purpose 

The Public Affairs Officer is to execute an integrated, fit-for purpose external relations program focus on government relations,community relations, shareholders relations, and to assist in other external and internal communication & engagement programs.

Job Dimensions 

This position reports to PA Manager, internally he/she works closely with PA team members, CSPC editors,department focal points where requires PA services, externally public media associates, agents, online web site, government officers etc.

Principal Accountabilities 

1. Assist to develop strategy for a government relations program in the areas of Dayawan, Huiyang, Huizhou and Guangdong. Assist to develop key contacts with local government and authorities, taking into account requirements and procedures of the JV Company's shareholders and of the authorities to be dealt with.
2. Assist to develop and execute other external communication and engagement programs, such as staff functions, shareholders’ related activities, local community engagement, Media engagement etc.
3. Participate in drafting and editing of company newsletter, publications and some other print material.
4. Translate and interpret
5. Draft and prepare relevant material as required by external stakeholders with supervisors’ instruction.
6. Coordinate external request, notice, invitation and visit requirements from govt, shareholders, neighboring plants and other external stakeholders
7. Manage the visitation to CSPC in area of Exhibition Hall and the Complex tour when needed.
8. Assist to organize company events and exhibition outside.
10. Other PA relevant affairs and tasks assigned by supervisors.

Qualifications & Experience

1. Educational background:
• Bachelor degree
2. Work experience:
• 3- year experience in External Affairs.
3. Language proficiency:
• Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese/Mandarin.
• Good at formal/business writing in Chinese
4. PC skills:
• Proficient in PC skills( incl. PowerPoint/ Excel)

Estimated Report Date 


Other Information 

1. Good understanding and communication skill
2. Good coordinating
3. Pleasant personality
4. Willing to learn and open to others' opinion
5. Self-motivated
6. Strong personal responsibility
7. A good team worker
8. Be able to ensure the quality delivery of work