Job Description:

Job Purpose 

Implements production plan and supervisor’s instruction, maintain the plant in well operating in terms of HSE requirement, reliable and cost effective.

Job Dimensions 

Key relationships: This position reports to Shift Supervisor.
, MFEM technicians, MFT lab, HSEQ, other process units and contractors

Decisions made:
This position will work with Shift Supervisor to make decision relating with plant operation i.e. startup and shutdown

Principal Accountabilities 

1. Operates the plant complying with HSE standards; Takes part in emergency response drills. Carries out AGT, etc. Ensures the plant he is responsible for runs safely and reliably
2. Maintains a thorough knowledge of current operational status of the process area that he is responsible for by reference to daily instructions, logbooks and shift change-over communications.
3. Independently performs normal operational and relevant activities, (like training, normal operation, starting stopping, emergency shutdown, ERP emergency responsible plan implement).
4. Monitors process conditions, equipment and systems. Analyses deviations and undertakes preventive measures in consultation with SS (Shift Supervisor) or HPO (Head Process Operator) colleagues to prevent production disturbances.
5. Responsible to ensure that the process units are operated to its optimum design by monitoring and acting pro-actively on information obtained from the control-room or his supervisor.
6. Assists updating operational manual, start-up, shutdown procedures and other operational procedures.
7. Ensures and undertakes good house keeping in and around the relevant area of the plant.
8. Takes care of clear verbal and written reporting and ensures proper hand-over of responsibilities takes place during daily shift changes ensures incident and non-conformity reporting.
9. In charge of sampling and intermediate product’s analysis, such as powder’s MFR, etc.
10. Coaching and guiding JPO (Junior Process Operator) or PO’s in their development.
11. Any other works instructed by SS.

Qualifications & Experience

1. Educational background:
• Middle Education level (process technique) on major of water treatment, or checmicals.
2. Work experience:
• Minimum 6 years experience in power plant operation. Familiar with water & water treatment(raw water, fire water demin water, boiler feed water, Effluent water treatment, waste treatment facilities (CPI, spend caustic, liquid incinerator, etc) operations and their auxiliary system ( acid and caustic, chemical dosing, etc) operation.
• Experience on troubleshooting to the systems mention above is preferred.
3. Language proficiency:
• Fluent in spoken and written Chinese/Mandarin. Be able to read/writing in English.
4. PC skills:
• Proficient in PC skills.

Estimated Report Date 


Other Information