Job Description:

Job Purpose 

This position is to carry out routine testing of samples.

Job Dimensions 

Number of process units supported by Lab: including LOP, SMPO, Polyols, EOEG, LDPE, HDPE, PP, Utility and Logistics.

Principal Accountabilities 

1. Carry out testing of all types of samples received by lab.
2. Ensure proper recording test results in LIMS.
3. Ensure proper receipt of samples, recording, labeling as efficient as possible.
4. Take appropriate actions on test results where necessary.
5. Prepare chemical reagents where necessary.
6. Assist in the test methods optimization and updates where necessary.
7. Assist in non-routine investigative analyses where required.
8. Routine calibration and maintenance of instruments.
9. Set up and monitor of statistical quality checks of test methods and instruments.
10. Overall housekeeping during his shift, sample bottles and containers cleanliness and disposal.
11. Assist in on-the-job training of new Analysts in the shift.
12. Be the first aider during shift hours.
13. Carry out other related duties as required.
14. Notify abnormalities in work.
15. Carry out work in a safe, correct, disciplined and efficient manner, and hand over unfinished work to the incoming shift at the end of his shift in a proper manner.
16. Comply with all company policies and regulations.

Qualifications & Experience

1. Educational background:
• Qualification from a secondary technical school in laboratory skills, and or above.
2. Work experience:
• Preferably with some working experiences in relevant job.
3. Language proficiency:
• Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese/Mandarin. English level CET>3 or equivalent.
4. PC skills:
• Proficient in PC skills.

Estimated Report Date 


Other Information 

Estimate on board time is end of Sep. 2018.